• ATM Cash Replenishment

    This is fully integrated, 24-hours service to minimise the downtime of the ATM machines and to relieve banks of the time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks of replenishing the cash dispensing cartrigdes within their ATM networks. For value added service, our officer are also trained to perform routine first line maintenance work for the machines. Additionally, full verification of cash balances after replenishment of the cartrigdes, recording the details of retained cards and purged cash as well as alarm response services are also provided as a package.


    ATM Cash Replenishment
  • ATM Installation

    As our priority, we give the best services for ATM Installation and Maintenance with availibility up to 99%. We also do Data Cable Network Installation and Grounding Installation


    ATM Installation
  • ATM Maintenance

    Maintenance and Repairs of ATM machines, carried out periodically, or on an on-call basis. Also Repaird EDC, and others banking equipments.


    ATM Maintenance
  • Cash In Transit

    Cash in Transit (CIT) services to a range of clients in the retail, banking, wholesale and leisure sectors. Cash in transit is the secure movement of monies and valuables from your premises to a bank or secure centre.


    Cash In
  • Trading

    Business Unit engaged in the sale of hardware and software, which aims to offer a 'solution' for companies that deal with the problems associated with the management of technology related to Automation, Computer and System Applications.

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